The aim of the art curriculum is to develop artistic skills, a creative mind and enjoyment of the subject. We aim to supply the children with a wide range of experiences meeting a variety of different needs within and out of school. When needed, children will be given extra skill support and idea generation support to ensure they are all given an equal opportunity to succeed. In Art we aim to develop a fair cultural capital among our pupils. We believe it is important to understand all children starting blocks and implement strategies to reduce the inequality. Through high expectations, the children should become imaginative thinkers, artistic risk takers, critical thinkers and want to absorb art in their everyday lives.


From Nursey to Year 6 the children will cover the full breadth of the Art National Curriculum intended for that year group. They will cover a full range of skills from sketching to painting to model making. These skills will be demonstrated, explained and the children will be given many opportunities to practise and experiment with each one.

In lessons, you will see energy, freedom to experiment, freedom to work outside the box, children naturally discussing art, what they think of artists and their opinions on each other’s work. You will see all children getting involved (and sometimes quite messily) whatever their artistic ability and being encouraged and motivated during their artist’s journey. All children will have the opportunity to be creative and, although there will be a rough brief to all creative tasks, they will have the opportunity to work within their means and celebrated for that. 

Throughout their time at Allfarthing, children will never create the same piece twice. Using the school’s ample resources, they will develop and build on their skills using a variety of media throughout the year, learning to manipulate them in different ways. Furthermore, they will consistently be exposed to different artists, architects and genres to widen their view.

Finally, Art does not stop in the classroom. Children have the opportunity to be creative outside and to attend an extensive list of art-related clubs.


By the time children leave Allfarthing, they will have been immersed in the wide range of Art outlined in the National Curriculum. They will have explored a number of different styles and artists, had the chance to experiment with different media to create their own art, and they will have been encouraged to be reflective about their own art as well as that of their peers. Through photographic evidence, we will have documented their progress from their Early Years mark making to their more detailed sketching in Year 6, preparing them and encouraging them to continue their artist journey through higher education and the rest of their life.