Drama and role play are used in many lessons at Allfarthing to help our children learn in a fun and interactive way. Using drama also helps to build children's vocabulary and confidence in speaking and listening in front of an audience. For example, they may act out a period of history such as the Roman times before writing a diary account of a Roman slave or may role play the story of Hansel and Gretel before writing their own version of the story. As part of their topics, they are introduced to a range of experiences such as a Mexican Day of the Dead Festival, a Roman banquet, an Indian food and culture day.

We also ensure that they experience a range of high quality drama from visiting theatre groups who perform a variety of shows including the annual Christmas panto, Shakespeare's Macbeth, a re-enactment of the Stone Age.  

They also have opportunities to act and sing in a range of performances such as the Winter Celebrations. Ultimately, in year 6 the children create, direct and perform their own leaver's show.