PE and Sport


The aim of the PE curriculum at Allfarthing is to establish a long-lasting and positive relationship with PE and sport in order to prepare children with the skills and understanding for an active and healthy lifestyle in the future. We aim to inspire and engage children’s interest in physical wellbeing and sport by offering a variety of sporting opportunities to children of all levels and abilities. The PE curriculum also aims to embed and instil in our children the values of fair play, sportsmanship and respect, encouraging children to work together, trust and support each other in all areas of their learning.


Physical Education is a fundamental part of the curriculum at Allfarthing and all classes are allocated at least 2 hours of curriculum PE each week with our specialist sports coaches, plus extra PE and dance lessons run by the class teachers. We adhere to the aims of the National Curriculum, ensuring that children become confident in a way that supports their physical and mental health, whilst enhancing their social and emotional skills.

In Early Years, the children begin to experiment with different ways of moving their bodies and negotiating the space around them. They practise simple physical activities such as skipping, hopping, throwing and jumping, in order to develop control of their bodies and to foster a sense of enjoyment when moving their bodies. In addition, they learn about the importance of maintaining good health through regular exercise, eating, sleeping and personal hygiene.

In KS1, children recap and build on their prior knowledge by mastering fundamental movements and skills including running, jumping, throwing and catching with control. Our outdoor games lessons target sport-specific skills, focusing on a variety of different sports including tennis, football, hockey, lacrosse and basketball, while our large indoor halls are used for gymnastics and dance. In these lessons, students develop their core strength, agility, balance and coordination.

In KS2, the children begin by looking at sport-specific skills in isolation. As they progress, they combine these refined skills with game tactics and begin applying them to competitive match scenarios. In gymnastics, the children continue to develop their flexibility, core strength and balance and then create their own fluent sequences and routines. Students in Year 3 also take part in swimming lessons and learn the importance of safe self-rescue in water.

In all PE lessons, children are encouraged to join in, have a go and most importantly, to have fun! Participation, enjoyment and enthusiasm are key, as we want all children to develop a natural, positive relationship with physical activity and sport. Children with SEN are fully involved, with additional adult support where necessary. All children are motivated and encouraged to reach their full potential and are celebrated whenever they do so.

For enthusiastic and talented athletes, gymnasts and sportspeople, there are many opportunities to represent the school and compete in inter-school competitions. We regularly select students to participate in these events and we take a range of abilities throughout the year, to allow as many students as possible to benefit from the experience. There is also a wide range of sporting extra-curricular clubs on offer, which children are encouraged to join, including gymnastics, cricket, hockey, dance, running club, tag rugby and tennis.


Our broad and inclusive PE curriculum will have a significant impact on the learners in our school, providing them with the skills and motivation to lead active and healthy lives in the future. The impact of PE is measured through informal assessment of the quality of children’s performance in skill challenges and small-sided games in PE lessons, as well as their outcomes in inter-school competitions, student interviews and participation in extra-curricular activities. PE lessons will also positively influence other areas of their learning, as the children benefit from the immense impact of exercise on their mental wellbeing and academic performance. By the time children leave Allfarthing, they will be able to take responsibility for their own health and fitness, understand the importance of an active lifestyle, and above all, have a passion for sport and PE.


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