Our carefully designed science curriculum intends to spark our pupils’ curiosity in the world around them and help them develop skills in science as a process of enquiry. We have personalised the science curriculum to the children that attend Allfarthing and created in-built opportunities within the curriculum to increase our children’s understanding of possible career options opened up by an interest and understanding of science. We aim to build and enhance cultural capital among all pupils. We believe in its importance in ‘bridging the gap’ between all pupil groups to give all children the best chance of success, as equally as possible.


At Allfarthing, we follow the scientific knowledge and skills progression laid out in the National Curriculum. Each unit of science contains a clear progression of knowledge and, across the course of the year, working scientifically skills will be covered. Each lesson includes a knowledge-learning objective and an objective linked to working scientifically, which will be unpicked at the beginning of each lesson. When appropriate, many lessons feature a hands-on science experiment or investigation to consolidate the learning objective of the lesson and to ensure all children are actively engaged. All children have the opportunity to work in our designated ‘Science Laboratory’, giving them access to a distinct learning space where they can investigate, observe and use resources in a more specialist environment.

Working scientifically allows children to think about what could happen in a given situation, teaching them to form their own opinions. By learning that not everything works the first time, children become resilient and are eager to ‘try again’ while constantly asking questions and searching for answers through a range of sources. So one of our key aims is for all children to confidently say, “I've looked at a whole lot of things and made my own opinion'.

At the end of each unit, children’s understanding is assessed to ensure that children are constantly moved forward with their learning. In all lessons, key scientific vocabulary is embedded and children are actively encouraged to use it in their spoken language and written work. Prior knowledge is regularly reviewed and linked to new learning. Across the course of the year, each class will have access to either a trip or a workshop directly related to their science unit in order to increase their understanding that science is vital in our day-to-day lives. Children with specific needs are considered in terms of assistance with resources and differentiated questioning which encompasses both SEND pupils as well as those who are working at an above age-related level.


By the time children leave Allfarthing, they should be equipped with the scientific knowledge outlined in the National Curriculum in biology, chemistry and physics, have a deep understanding of what it means to work scientifically and be able to communicate their findings across a range of different methods including ICT, graphs and charts. However, perhaps most fundamentally, we aim for all our children to leave Allfarthing with a passion for, and enjoyment of, science.