Year Groups


Welcome to Nursery

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This term we will be spending time exploring and discovering our new environment. We will introduce classroom rules, routines, circle time and calendar activities. Through the story, ‘So Much’, we will name and talk about a wide range of feelings and learn that sometime we may feel different emotions and that is ok.

Physical Development

Using the outdoor space we will move freely, with pleasure and confidence in a range of ways, such as slithering, shuffling, rolling, crawling, walking, running, jumping, skipping, sliding and hopping. We will explore the changes in our bodies after exercise, such as fast heartbeat. We will be learning how to look after our self and be independent. This will be linked to the story ‘Owl Babies’.

Communication and Language

Through questioning, our aim is to encourage open-ended thinking by not settling on the first ideas, e.g. What else is possible? We will be learning about positional language e.g. on top, underneath etc. We will also be linking our thoughts by using ‘and’ and ‘because’.


On a daily basis, we will share rhymes, books and stories from many cultures. We will focus on a special story every week, which will be linked to our topic. In addition to this, we will welcome ‘Mystery Readers’ every Friday. More details will follow in our weekly learning letter.


We will use pictures and objects to illustrate counting songs, rhymes and number stories. Children will be encouraged to use number names 0-10. We will teach Barnaby, our class teddy to recognise and describe simple 2D shapes.

Understanding the World

Another book we will explore is ‘School for Dads’, which will encourage us to talk about our own homes and families. This will also help encourage us to ask questions and make links with the world around us. We will be reading ‘Look, Listen, Taste, Touch and Smell’ which will help us become familiar with our five senses. A range of technology will be available for us to use, such as cameras and IPads.

Expressive Arts and Design

In the music area, children will experience making sounds using different instruments. We will be playing fun dance and ring games includeing: ‘Musical Statues’, Ring A Ring O’ Roses and parachute games.


We will be learning about Buddhism with a focus on Buddhist stories and what they teach us.

Trips and Special Events

Bring Daddy to school…more details will follow in weekly learning letter.


Please feel free to choose and share a book with your child once a week.


Presentation June 2017

Why is play so important?

  • Article 13 UN Convention of the Rights of the Child – the right to play.
  • increases self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-respect
  • improves and maintain physical and mental health
  • gives opportunities to mix with other children
  • allows children to increase their confidence through developing new skills
  • promotes imagination, independence and creativity
  • offers opportunities for children of all abilities and backgrounds to play together
  • provides opportunities for developing social skills and learning
  • builds resilience through risk taking and challenge, problem solving, and dealing with new and novel situations
  • provides opportunities to learn about the environment and the wider community