Year Groups


Why is play so important?

Personal, Social and Emotional development

We follow the PATHS programme, which teaches a vast range of feelings, through the use of puppets and relatable storylines. We will also be learning how to share, follow the class rules and how to be a good friend. We will be discussing our ‘Class Charter’, which covers the rights of the child at school and duties of the adults.

Communication and Language

This term we will learn to listen to others in small groups and during carpet time. We will develop our listening and attention skills in a variety of learning experiences and fun games. ‘The Question Bears’ will help us learn about different types of questions e.g. how, why, how, where and what .We will also be using props to sing nursery rhymes and retell familiar stories.

Physical Development

For fine motor skills, we will be focussing on our pen grip, cutting skills and letter formation. For gross motor skills, we will be focussing on cycling, throwing and catching and movement in different ways (hopping, skipping, jumping etc)


Mini beast will be our very first topic in Reception; and we will be exploring the story ‘Arrrghhh Spider’. Our second topic is all about ‘Bears’, for this topic we will be reading the stories ‘Biscuit Bear’ and ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. This term we introduce Phase 2 of the Letters and Sounds phonics programme. We will learn the letter names and the sound the letter makes through ‘Jolly Phonics’ songs and actions. We will practise hearing initial sounds in words and begin to read and write CVC words.


We will be learning how to create repeating patterns, such as; colour and shape patterns and recognising patterns in our environment. We will also be learning to count, recognise order and write numbers. We will use number songs, concrete manipulative and pictures to help with these maths concepts.

Understanding of the World

This term we will be finding out interesting mini beast facts. We will also be learning about the mini beasts our class’ have been named after. In the outdoor area, we will begin to use the ‘Mud Kitchen’, where we will explore the textures of various natural materials.

Expressive Art and Design

We will be using junk modelling, paints, playdough and other various creative materials to make our handprints, portraits, minibeasts and minibeasts habitats. For Music, we will be learning all about ‘ME’, through various songs, dances and interactive resources.


We will be learning about Buddhism with a focus on Buddhist stories and what they teach us.


Please remember to label all uniform items. Check the weekly Friday letter for important notices, to find out what we have been learning in class and what we will be learning the following week.