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Learning this year

SUMMER TERM - Our Learning

Communication & Language


When reading ‘Goodnight Spaceman’ by Michelle Robinson, we will be making models of planets to help us talk about their features. We will make use of our role play area to encourage children to develop conversations in their play and build relationships. We will continue to encourage speaking in full sentences and using vocabulary linked to our topics. We will also be focussing on a range of open questions to encourage children to explain in greater depth. We will continue to introduce a range of new vocabulary to help develop social phrases and support children to use this throughout the day.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

This term we will be reading a range of new storybooks linked to our new ‘Space’ and ‘Water’ topics. When reading our topic stories, we will be exploring the themes of exploration, finding out something new, problem solving, and respect for our world. We will use the Zones of Regulation to help us to think about how we can make sure we are well set up for learning and build a tool kit to help us deal with tricky or uncomfortable feelings.

Physical Development

Our gross motor skills will continue to develop through various PE sessions where we will concentrate on developing agility, balance and control. We will learn a range of games and different ways to control balls using our bodies or equipment. In the second half of the summer term, we will learn athletics in preparation for our sports day.. Fine motor activities will include manipulating play dough, developing scissor control, using tweezers and threading activities. We will also continue to practise formation of letters by writing with various materials, which include sand, glitter, mud, and using whiteboards.   


We will continue our learning through Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised early reading programme. We move on to phase 4, practising identifying, saying and writing the sounds, and continue to develop our writing. We will also have weekly reading sessions in school focusing on decoding, expression and comprehension skills. More information can be found here:

As part of our topic sessions, we will be writing lists, thinking about what we need for a trip to the moon and focusing on describing images and situations.


We will cover the White Rose Maths units ‘To 20 and Beyond’, First, Then, Now’, Find my Pattern’ and ‘On the. We will build numbers beyond 10 and then look at counting patterns beyond 10. After that, we move on to looking at addition and subtraction, doubling, grouping and sharing and learn about even and odd numbers. We will develop our work on pattern and relationships between numbers and introduce the area of spatial reasoning, looking at how we can use shapes to make pictures, how we can explain the similarities and differences between objects and how we use positional language. Throughout our learning, we work on consolidating the key skills of counting, composition of number, sorting and matching, and comparing and ordering.

Understanding of the World

During our ‘Space’ topic, we will begin to learn about the planets and other objects in the solar system. We will learn about people who have gone to space and compare what it is like to be in space and in our classroom. We will also think about how the sun causes the change in seasons. During our ‘Water’ topic, we will be finding out about different water animals and thinking about these habitats. We will read stories about pirates and compare our lives to theirs. We will also think about special places in our local area and consider that people have different beliefs learning about events and festivals such as Eid al-Fitr, the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and the Commonwealth Games. We will use our outdoor area to explore the natural world around us and think about changing seasons

Expressive Arts & Design

We will encourage children to make use of the role play areas to develop storylines in their play. We will use the creative area, accessing  junk modelling, paints, fabrics and other various creative materials to support our learning. We will sing songs as a group and create music using our bodies, instruments and found sounds.


Please remember to label all uniform items. Check the weekly Friday letter for important notices to find out what we have been learning in class and what we will be learning the following week.