Year Groups

Learning this year

SPRING TERM - Our Learning

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This term we will be learning how to “Do the Turtle” (a calming technique if you become angry or upset). We will also be learning that sharing is a “win-win situation” and it means that we care about one another.

Communication and Language

When reading the winter themed story ‘Stickman’ by Julia Donaldson, we will be making our very own stick people to help us retell the story. We will continue to encourage speaking in full sentences and using vocabulary linked to our topics. We will also be focussing on ‘why’ and ‘what if’ questions.

Physical Development

Our gross motor skills will continue to develop through various PE sessions where we will concentrate on developing agility, balance and control. We will also practise skills which involve using equipment such as bean bags, balls, tennis rackets and hoops. Fine motor activities will include manipulating play dough, developing scissor control, using tweezers and threading activities. We will also continue to practise pre cursive formation of letters by writing with various materials, which include sand, glitter, mud, and using whiteboards.   


We will be continuing to read & write our phonetic sounds, words and captions, with a focus on our digraphs (phase 3). We will be reading ‘Lost and Found’, along with various other topic related stories. We will also be writing lists and thinking about what to bring in our suitcases on a trip to Antarctica. When reading ‘Tom and the Island of Dinosaurs’ we will be focusing on letter writing.


In maths we will continue to explore number, in particular numbers within 10. We will be introducing the part/part whole concept, which prepares us for addition and subtraction. We will be introducing Numicon and how it can help us with our number concepts. We will also be exploring 2D and 3D shape.

Understanding of the World

When reading ‘Stickman’ we will be thinking about our own families and creating family albums for our class reading corners. During our ‘Arctic/Antarctic’ topic, we will be finding out about animals from these areas, Intuits and where they live. 

Expressive Art and Design

We will be making our own stickman characters. We will be experimenting with floating and sinking through experiments, using various materials to create boats that will float.  


Next term we will be learning about how Chinese New Year and Easter are celebrated. We will also be reading the Chinese Zodiac story and the Easter story.


Please bring in a labelled PE kit for your child, as we will be changing for PE from January onwards.