Year Groups

Year 3

Summer Term Learning


In the summer term, the children will continue to develop their understanding of the Year 3 grammar, spelling and punctuation curriculum. They will begin the term by exploring a short film titled Ride of Passage. Through this film, we will be focusing on describing settings, writing narratives in the first person and writing from different character’s perspectives. Other texts we will study over the term include Coming to England, La Mariposa and Jemmy Button. Using these as stimuli, we will write letters, non-chronological reports, newspaper articles, poems and narratives. 


This term, we will continue using the NCETM Mastery Curriculum to ensure the children have a solid understanding of all areas of mathematics, as well as our own planning to cover specific topics such as Money and Time. We will start this half term by looking at the value of different coins and notes and solving mathematical problems concerning money. We will then look at Geometry, focusing on the difference between parallel and perpendicular lines and angles in shapes. Finally, we will return to our unit on Fractions and will be adding and subtracting fractions as well as comparing fractions with different denominators. In Summer 2, we will start with Time, building on the children’s ability to tell the time from Year 2. We will move onto Measurement, in which we will compare the lengths, heights, mass, volume and capacity of various objects and will learn how to convert measurements (mm, cm, m, ml, l etc.). Throughout the term, we will continue to consolidate our understanding of the four operations and mental calculation strategies in arithmetic sessions. We will practice using them in word problems and missing gap questions. We will also continue practising our times tables in regular maths meeting sessions. At home, in addition to regular times tables practice, it would be helpful to explore the topics of money and time with your children. Please spend some time refamilarising your child with some of the basic skills including telling the time to the hour, half past and quarter past / quarter to, as well as identifying the value of coins.


We will begin with our unit on Plants. We will build on the children’s prior learning from last year and will learn about the functions of the different parts of a plant and how water travels through them. We will also look at life cycles. 

After this, we will move onto the topic of Light. We will learn about how shadows are formed and how their shape and size changes. The students will have opportunities to take their learning outside and to raise questions for further investigation.


We will be continuing with touch-typing at the beginning of this term. We will then move onto looking at simulations (what they are, why they are used and how to evaluate them) and using technology for photography (including editing a photo).   


We will begin by considering the question, ‘How did the Windrush generation influence British Culture?’, looking at the huge impact this generation of people had on Britain.  

After half term, we will then move onto the question, ‘How has transport changed over time?’ Our work will include finding out about the first train and plane.


Our Art and DT will be linked to our topic: How did the Windrush generation influence British Culture? and to our Science topics, Plants and Light. For Light, we will be making and performing our own shadow puppet shows.  

There will be additional cross-curricular art throughout the summer term.


This term, we will continue with the Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) scheme from the Chris Winters project, which we started before Easter. We will also continue our Mind Up and Zones of Regulation work in order to support children’s emotional literacy.


The children continue to develop their Spanish skills, building on their understanding of differences in social conventions and continuing to develop their vocabulary.


The children will continue their lessons on the clarinet and saxophone with specialist teachers from Wandsworth Music Service, building on the skills learnt last term. This will be every Tuesday, starting the second week back (26th April).


In PE the children will have Amit (Mr V) from V Sports coaching them once a week. We will also be doing movement and dance sessions once a week.


This term our focus is on Islam and we will be answering the question ‘What is the Ummah?’  We will be learning about Hajj and Ramadan.

Trips and Special Events

Library visits

3M: Thursday 21st April, Friday 13th May, Friday 17th June

3F: Thursday 28th April, Friday 27th May, Friday 24th June


It’s 3M’s turn to go swimming this term and we will be taking the children to Southfields every Wednesday for their lessons. There will be 12 sessions in total, starting on Wednesday 20th April. Please make sure you read the letter regarding swimming with details of what they will need to bring with them.


We will continue to carry out weekly speed tables tests and every Friday there will be a spelling test, so please encourage your children to continue practicing their timestables and spellings.

Please also encourage your child to complete their work on Doodle Maths and Times Tables Rockstars regularly.

Finally, please do your best to support your child with their reading at home.