Year Groups

Year 4

Summer Term Learning


In the summer term we will begin with reading Krindlekrax by Philip Ridley. This is a wonderfully quirky children’s book, which all classes will enjoy. We will be doing lots of writing based on the text, particularly focusing on diary writing, writing for suspense, description and writing a comic strip. Within this, we will focus on grammatical aspects including inverted commas, fronted adverbials, word classes, as well as reinforcing the importance of accurate basic punctuation such as capital letters and full stops and identifying the difference between informal and formal language.


We begin the term building on our work on decimals, focusing on rounding, ordering and halving them. Following this, we will be consolidating multiplication and division to ensure that pupils have mastered these core skills before moving into Year 5. We will then move onto looking division with remainders and coordinates.  


In Science, we will begin with a unit about Electricity, where we will be learning how to create and represent circuits, the use of switches and the identification of complete and incomplete.

We will then move onto Habitats, where we will learn about grouping living things and classification keys. 


We will use a program called ‘Hopscotch’ to create a simulation of a toy. We will also use 2Animate to create our own animations.


This term, we will be starting two new topics.  In the first half term, we will think about the question: Henry VIII - Terrible or Terrific? We will learn about different key points in the rule of Henry VIII.

We will also be reading a text about a Tudor Schoolboy in whole class reading sessions. We will then move on to consider How do rivers and cities impact upon one another? This is a geography focused topic, giving us the opportunity for some local fieldwork.


We will be using clay to create the Tudor Rose and then we will be looking at some of Holbein’s Tudor portraits and attempting our own portraits (using pouncing technique) of key Tudor figures.

During Summer 2, we will use watercolours to create river images. In DT, we will design and build a bridge that can hold a toy car.


We will explore the following: Strategies to deal with peer pressure, school and the wider community and how to successfully deal with conflict.


The children continue to develop their skills, building on their understanding of differences in social conventions and continuing to develop their vocabulary.


We will continue using Charanga with a focus on the songs Lean on Mean and Blackbird.


In PE the children will be doing athletics and outdoor games.


In RE this term, we will start by looking at Buddhism, focusing on the life of Buddha and meditation. After half term, we will explore Humanism and Humanist rites of passage.

Trips and Special Events

Wednesday 11th May: Hampton Court Palace

Thursday 16th June: Thames River Cruise

Thursday 23rd – 24th June: Golden Hinde (for those signed up)

Thursday 7th July: Science Museum


We will continue to carry out weekly speed tables tests and every Friday there will be a spelling test, so please encourage your children to continue practicing.

Please also encourage your child to practice on Doodle Maths and Times Tables Rockstars regularly.

Finally, please do your best to support your child with their reading at home. For more fluent readers, this might include talking to them about their reading preferences and asking questions about what they are currently reading.