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How are Governors appointed?


All our governors serve for a term of four years, and have voting rights for the committees they serve on. At Allfarthing, our Governing Body includes:

  • 4 Parent Governors, who are parents of current pupils at Allfarthing. Interested parents put their names forward when vacancies are announced. When more parents volunteer than are needed, parent governors are elected by the parent body of Allfarthing (1 vote per household).
  • 4 Co-opted Community Governors, who are members of the local community and are generally chosen for specialist skills. Generally, they will have registered with the local council’s database (SGOSS) and meet the Chair and the Headteacher before being appointed.
  • 1 Local Authority Governor, who is appointed by the Chair of Governors after a meeting with the Chair and the Headteacher.
  • 1 Staff Governor, who is elected by the staff of Allfarthing.
  • Headteacher & Deputy Headteacher, who are automatically members of the Governing body.

Allfarthing maintains a Register of Interests for Governors. At present, all governors confirm that they have no business interests to declare, they do not serve on the boards of any other educational establishments, and are not related to any members of school staff.